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2016 Auburn SEC Network Takeover Schedule: The Fake One

The SEC Network will be 24 hours of Auburn on July 24th.

Caitlin Atkinson
Caitlin Atkinson
Zach Bland / Auburn Athletics

Just like last year, the SEC Network is going to fill some of its summer programming (once actual live college sports are finished) with 24-hour blocks of programming dedicated to each member school. Auburn's day is Sunday, July 24th.

When last season's 24-hour takeover was announced, we came up with some schedules of things we'd like to see. One was a legitimate, one was full of fake and fun ideas, and one was straight-up HARD BARNIN'.

The final schedule had some crossover between our legitimate ideas and the actual programming. All in all, it wasn't a bad schedule. I would like to have seen the 2015 Women's College World Series game against UCLA, but ESPN noted that NCAA Championships were not available for re-air, so that may explain why that game wasn't included.

With the announcement that this is happening again, I decided to do the same thing and come up with some legitimate thoughts, an over-the-top goofy schedule, and then another HARD BARNIN' lineup.

The Real One

Last year I was just flying by the seat of my pants in coming up with this schedule. This time, I based it on what they did last year and tried to include almost entirely different programming. The 2011 BCS Championship Game and the 2013 Iron Bowl are the only repeats. So, I think this schedule has a decent chance of being close to the real one.

0000 2006 Auburn vs South Carolina
0200 2016 Auburn vs UAB Basketball
0400 2016 Auburn vs Alabama Gymnastics
0530 You Don't Know Bo
0700 1989 Iron Bowl
0900 2016 SEC Softball Championship Game
1100 2013 Auburn vs UGA Football
1300 2016 Auburn vs Kentucky Basketball
1500 Bo, Barkley, and The Big Hurt
1600 2011 BCS Championship Game
1800 This is Auburn
1900 2013 Iron Bowl
2100 Mighty Ruthie
2200 2004 Football SEC Championship Game

There was a random game against Florida thrown in last season, and I'd love to see a repeat of the "Tommy Tuberville's Fantastic Awesome Ball Control Extravaganza" that was the 2006 South Carolina game. Breaking the streak against Alabama in Gymnastics has got to be on there, somewhere.

They chose two basketball games last time, one historic and one recent, but I went with two great games from this season in UAB and Kentucky. Plus, I just like to continue to point out to Alabama that at least we play UAB. The Iron Bowls are obvious - though, I'd still love to have a 1993 Iron Bowl video - and so, I think, are the rest of the ESPN-type programming including the SEC Softball Championship. It wasn't quite as dramatic this time around, but Auburn Softball really didn't have any big, dramatic games this time around, other than the Kasey Cooper walk-off against UGA. If they could get the rights, though, this feature on Auburn Softball would be pretty cool.

The Fun One

That's all well and good, but what if we had 24 hours of programming dedicated to Auburn all the time? What would a 24-Hour ABAT (All-Barn, All the Time) network look like? I'll be honest, a lot of it is going to look just like last year's. That's because I'm lazy and not as funny as I wish I were. Some are changed due to staff changes and some are updated with new titles and hosts. We had a cooking show last year. You think we're not going to have a cooking show with Herb Hand, this year? The man himself even gave us his preferred title (though the tweets in which he suggested it are deleted, now).

0000 Auburn Sports Center
0100 QVC with Aubie
0200 The Gus Malzahn "You Can't Touch This" Video. On Repeat.
0400 Hunting with Nova
0500 Morning Grind: Workout with Coach Russell
0600 Rich and Jeremy in the Morning
0900 Lecture Time!
1000 Golf with Duf!
1100 Hand Made - w/Offensive Line Coach Herb Hand
1200 Auburn Sports Center
1300 Music Hour w/Auburn Coaches
1400 Tiger Talk with Rod Bramblett
1700 Auburn News
1800 Where Are They, Now?
1900 Film Study: Kevin Steele
1930 Film Study: Gus Malzahn
2000 Film Study: Bruce Pearl
2100 Great Games in Auburn History
2300 Late Night with Charles Barkley

Some of these require explanation. Some of them require no explanation at all, but I'm going to give one to you, anyway!

Auburn Sports Center: Highlights of all Auburn sports-related events for the day

QVC with Aubie: An hour of our favorite mascot selling you Auburn stuff without ever saying a word.

The Gus Malzahn "You Can't Touch This" Video: This is our version of late-night white noise. Nothing but an hour of awesome.

Hunting With Nova. Nova goes on various hunting expeditions with his other Southeastern Raptor Center friends. And educates us on raptors along the way! I'd watch an hour of raptors hunting, wouldn't you?

Morning Grind: Workout with Coach Russell. You need your morning workout. Why not let Auburn Strength & Conditioning Coach Ryan Russell get you started every day? You might be able to move your arms afterward. Maybe.

Rich and Jeremy in the Morning. They're on the radio, and I need to fill time slots, so why not put them on TV, too? Hear Jeremy (Henderson) talk about all sorts of things Auburn related and much more.

Lecture Time! We're a school, so we need to feature some educational programs. How about a lecture on sports journalism from Dr. John Carvalho? An old Kicklighter lecture? You can learn long-distance from some of the best!

Golf with Duf. As a throwback to the old morning lineups, we'll have an hour of Auburn alumnus, PGA Professional, and Auburn Men's Golf Volunteer Coach Jason Dufner giving us instruction on the game of golf.

Hand Made w/Offensive Line Coach Herb Hand. Herb Hand can cook. Quite well, actually. He's been on Chopped on the Food Network. He even suggested the name of the show, himself.

Auburn Sports Center. More highlights! Or repeats of the earlier ones for those on their lunch hour.

Music Hour w/Auburn Coaches. We have some talented coaches. Travis WilliamsHerb Hand (again). Let's have an hour of Auburn coaches programming, talking, discussing music!

Tiger Talk with Rod Bramblett. Rod is awesome and we need him to mute out the Finebaum time slot!

Auburn News. News related to Auburn University and the city of Auburn in general.

Where Are They, Now? Everett Duke suggested this one, and I'm glad he did. We'll have a show finding out about old personas in Auburn history. First up: former baseball head coach Sunny Golloway.

Film Studies. Our favorite coaches break down film for us in the evening

Great Moments In Auburn History. Looking back at awesome highlights, teams, people, events. Or just the Kick Six and the reaction videos on repeat.

Late Night with Charles Barkley. Hell yes, we'd give Sir Charles a late night talk show.


No explanation required.

0000 1982 Iron Bowl
0200 1989 Iron Bowl
0400 1997 Iron Bowl
0600 2005 Iron Bowl
0800 2010 Iron Bowl
1000 2013 Iron Bowl
1200 1982 Iron Bowl
1400 1989 Iron Bowl
1600 1997 Iron Bowl
1800 2005 Iron Bowl
2000 2010 Iron Bowl
2200 2013 Iron Bowl