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Four Auburn Football Players Arrested for Possession of Marijuana

The end of the school year / true offseason begins with a bang, as four players (three defense, one offense) are arrested for marijuana.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Say what you want about whether marijuana should or should not be legal, it is currently illegal to possess it in the state of Alabama (and in the United States, but apparently Federal Law can be ignored in some instances but not in others), and four Auburn football players were arrested Saturday for possession of it according to Tom Green of the Opelika-Auburn News.

It is not a major possession arrest. It is a second degree possession charge, meaning they had enough with them to count for personal use, only.

The four players in question are all sophomores: Byron Cowart, Ryan Davis, Jeremiah Dinson, and Carlton Davis III. Of those three, Carlton Davis is the one that hurts the most as he was a definite starter in the defensive backfield. Byron Cowart was pushing for playing time at defensive end, Ryan Davis saw very limited action last season as a wide receiver (though he was the player who ran Woody against Texas A&M), and Jeremiah Dinson is still recovering from the injuries he sustained in that Texas A&M game.

If past instances (Nick Marshall and Jonathon Mincy are the only players I can think of arrested for marijuana possession) are anything to go by, then these four will likely get some form of suspension in Game 1 if this is their first incident. If it's not, then it could warrant a multi-game suspension. Marshall and Mincy were supposed to only be held out the first series of that Arkansas game (Mincy did come in right afterwards), but Jeremy Johnson ended up playing the whole first half and his performance in that game helped fuel last season's hype.

Again, regardless of anyone's feelings on the law, it is currently the law, and these players knew that. They broke the law, and now they'll have to face the punishment. Hopefully, this is the only incident we have to deal with this summer. At least they didn't rob someone, right?