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Link sAUsage: 23 May 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Clint Myers and Morgan Podany.
Clint Myers and Morgan Podany.
Dakota Sumpter / Auburn Athletics


The Tigers finished 4th in the All-SEC Sports Standings this season. That is in very large part due to the success of the women's teams like tennis, gymnastics, equestrian, and softball.


The baseball season ended Saturday with the Tigers getting swept by Vanderbilt. They needed a win to get into the SEC Tournament and couldn't pull it off. We'll have more on the baseball team sometime this week.

You can read what Butch Thompson had to say about his first season, here.


Bruce Pearl broke down the tape on two new members of the Auburn Basketball team. One of them, LaRon Smith, is eligible immediately. The other, DeSean Murray, will be sitting out for a year.

The SEC Storied "Mighty Ruthie" aired, last night. See three takeaways that Ruthie herself would like you to get from the film.

You can read this interview with Kareem Canty about his exit from the Auburn Basketball program if you want to. It's probably not going to give you a very positive feeling towards him when he admits he just quit on his teammates.


The only way I can think Auburn fans would be unaware of the exploits of the Softball team, now, are if they don't have the internet and live under a rock. If you missed it, though, the Tigers swept their way through Regional play to advance to the Super Regional. They'll play Arizona this Saturday and Sunday for a trip to the Women's College World Series. I created a story stream that will have all of the NCAA Softball Tournament stories in it, so you can check back through it to read about the other games this weekend.

See how ESPN analysts think Auburn matches up against Arizona. The coaches of each team are definitely familiar with each other, that's for sure.


One of the biggest problems for the Tigers' defensive players over the last season has been instability in coaching. They've gone through multiple coordinators. What new DC Kevin Steele helps with, in that regard, is his similarity in terminology and other things to Will Muschamp.

See former Auburn QB Jason Campbell break down the Tigers' 2016 QB battle and his opinion of those battling for the starting job.

What did Ricardo Louis do with is first NFL paycheck? He gave it to his mom. All of it.

Former Tiger running back James Brooks was inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame this weekend.