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Link sAUsage: 24 May 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Anfernee Grier rounds 3rd after a home run
Anfernee Grier rounds 3rd after a home run
Dakota Sumpter / Auburn Athletics


Do you live in Florida? Do you want an Auburn license plate in Florida? Well, a Florida representative is trying to get that done. Just go to this website and sign up (you have to be a Florida resident). They're at 2,409 of the required 4,000 signatures as of me publishing this.


Anfernee Grier was named to the All-SEC second team, which LOL U KIDDING? He was one of the candidates for the SEC Player of the Year and he's SECOND team!?!? Ok. Whatever. He was named to the All-Defensive team, as well.


The Tigers will once again be a part of the Big12/SEC Challenge, and this time, they're heading to Texas to face the Horned Frogs of TCU. The games will all be on 28 January.


So, ummm... the last line/quote in this article. I'm not one to talk about bulletin board material, but that there is some serious bulletin board material. Be careful what you wish for, Ms. O'Toole. The last time the Tigers and Wildcats played, in March 2015, Auburn won 20-2.

One thing Auburn's Softball team has going for it is that it's a bit different from most clubs when it comes to pitching. Many schools rely heavily on one ace pitcher. Auburn has a pitching staff of five, all of whom are quite capable.


Auburn needs help at the wide receiver slot. Help is on the way. Here's a video on incoming freshman Nate Craig-Myers, who I believe is graduating high school this week and should report to Auburn shortly thereafter.

Speaking of those receivers, Trent Dilfer, one of the coaches of Nike's Elite 11 and The Opening, had a lot of praise for another Tiger WR. One who is already on campus. Dilfer has also made no secret of his belief that Sean White is a fantastic QB, whom he coached when White was the Elite 11 MVP in 2013.

Who are the most important players for each team in the SEC West? I'll give you one chance to guess Auburn's because it should be obvious. We know how much the Tigers have struggled without him. We haven't even started Fall Camp and he's already getting hyped up as a first round draft pick in next year's NFL Draft.

Get the post-spring breakdown of Auburn from the folks at the ESPN SEC Blog. They're a bit behind the times, though, as they list the arrest of four players a "key storyline," when I believe Gus has already confirmed that they will not face a suspension as it is the first offense for all of them.

That piece all mentions how there was no answer at QB coming out of Spring, and this piece by mentions the race is expected to last into Fall Camp, which... yeah, we know. We knew that before the Spring. Anyone who thinks Auburn was going to name a starting QB coming out of Spring Practice is crazy. There was no way Franklin was going to have time to learn the offense that quickly unless he turned out to be a super genius at it. Plus, Woody Barrett will get a chance, too, though I don't think he's going to win the job as a true freshman. I just wish we'd stop getting articles acting like it's a big deal that Auburn's QB job wasn't decided in the Spring. It was never going to be.

Kevin Steele is a "players coach." What does that mean and how does that moniker fit the Tigers' new defensive coordinator? See what other coaches and others have to say about him.

In sad news, a former Tiger great has passed away. Tommy Lorino was a running back with the 1957 national championship team.