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Link sAUsage: 26 May 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Hey, remember all the hubbub when Sonny Golloway was fired? Well, it's back in the news! Sonny did indeed file suit against Auburn University, the trustees, individuals within the Athletic Department - basically everyone he could think of - as an organization and as individuals. That's... that's some serious scorched earth, Sonny. And you want someone else to hire you one day? Where does the process go from here? Well, Tuco explains the path that lawsuits take for all of us non-lawyers.


The Tigers are going to have a big walk-on this fall. And by big, I mean large. 6'10 Heath Huff from Lee-Scott Academy will join the Tigers this fall.


Kasey Cooper is a finalist for the USA Softball National Collegiate Player of the Year. As she should be. Cooper is without a doubt one of the best in the nation.


23 Tigers will be participating in the NCAA East Preliminaries in Florida this weekend. They're aiming to head to the NCAA Outdoor Championships next month.


Yes, I've seen the Roc Thomas rumors. Yes, I know Jay G. Tate said something about it on the radio this morning. I ain't saying nothin' about it until there's confirmation.

Football is 100 days away, and here's a "trailer" for the 2016 season for you!

The Tigers are hoping Montravius Adams steps up as a vocal leader on the defensive line this fall. The Senior is pretty much a lock as a starter in the interior, though the rotation at that position will probably be such that "starter" doesn't really matter all that much.

That's why this whole "will Dontavius Russell beat out rising Devaroe Lawrence" thing is pointless. Auburn will rotate the defensive linemen so often that they're all going to get a ton of reps. Personally, I think the starters will be Lawrence and Adams to begin with. Devaroe really flipped a switch late in the season and I can't wait to see how he progresses.

Auburn made the list of ESPN's 10 games with the highest stakes. Read their qualifier at the beginning on how they're judging it, and then you'll probably still disagree with the game they chose. I know I did. If I were to pick an early game with the highest stakes based on what they're saying, I'd have picked Texas A&M.

In "deceptive headlines," here are "11 players who've left Auburn's football team this offseason." Why deceptive? Well, because a few of those left early for the NFL Draft, that's why.

PETA is after LSU to stop having a live Tiger, and of course, Auburn is thrown in, as well. It's a big topic for them now with Mike's cancer (hope you get well, kitty), but they've long been after LSU, Auburn, Texas, and others. Of course, they completely forget, when talking about Auburn, that the birds Auburn keeps as mascots are unable to be released to the wild (those that can be released, are released; they prefer releasing them) and are only alive because of the Southeastern Raptor Center and they're used to educate people on conservation.