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Link sAUsage: 5 May 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics


In a human-interest story about a former player, the official site writes about former Auburn basketball player Josh Dollard and his long road that has led back to Auburn where he's graduating from this Spring.


Three Tigers were named to the All-SEC team. They were led by, you guessed it, senior First Team All-SEC golfer Michael Johnson, who is a semifinalist for the Ben Hogan Award.


Who is going to play strong side linebacker for Auburn? Will it be Darrell Williams? Will Tre Williams move over there? We'll find out in the fall, but has an opinion on it.

Kevin Steele had some things to say about Carl Lawson and his approach to the game. It's a good bit we've kinda known about from his time on the sidelines in 2014 where he studied other great pass rushers and worked to help the other defensive ends.

Gus Malzahn wants to get back to his identity and the identity he pictured for Auburn when he arrived: Auburn Fast. To me that's about as important as anything else when it comes to what was wrong with last season. The team never played fast and there were too many tells that gave the offense away.

He's also still gathering information on the arrest of the four Tigers from a few days ago before he makes a decision on punishment. If it's a first offense, then there is no loss of playing time associated with it according to Auburn's internal rules.

ESPN says the SEC should fight to end the requirements for divisions in college football. I'm all for that. Let's go ahead and get rid of the "Move Auburn to the East! argument by going to a form of pod-style play that rotates. I liked the plan that saw every team playing a home-and-home with every other team in the conference within a four year window. That way a traditional 4-year student would get a chance to experience games against every team in the conference.

Satellite camps are not going away as a story any time soon. Auburn is planning on them in the major recruiting footprint (Georgia, Florida), but they aren't ruling out going elsewhere in the country, just yet.