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Gus Malzahn's Teleconference Updates and Satellite Camp Information

Gus spoke with media, along with other SEC West coaches, in a teleconference, today.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Are you hoping for some fantastic new information about what's been happening around Auburn football? Well, guess what? You're not going to get it.

Gus really is the master at saying nothing. There are tons of tweets available from other coaches' comments during today's teleconference, and very few from Malzahn. That's in large part because he rarely says anything new unless it's major news.

The four players arrested? Still gathering information.

Satellite camps? Working on it, hope to have things finalized soon. We do know that the Tigers will be taking part in a satellite camp in Mississippi at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. That's where John Franklin III came from, and Auburn has gotten a few players from there over the years.

Big take away from Spring Practice? There were no major injuries. Which, hey, that's great, considering the injuries we've seen over the last few years. Oh, and they feel very good about where things are at and with the current staff chemistry.

There is a pretty good recap from the site of what he said, though. He mentioned the graduate transfer market (no word on whether he'd attempt to bring in Eli Jenkins of JSU (who would require a waiver even though his "incident" was reportedly no incident at all other than a verbal argument)), Kevin Steele's work with the defense, along with tough schedules of the SEC and then still scheduling tough OOC games. .

Honestly, if you want to know the most about Auburn football, you have to go to the recaps from last night's Tiger Trek in LaGrange. From that, we learn that he hopes to name a starting quarterback fairly early in the Fall camp (which, according to some, would be Sean White if he had to choose right this moment).

I know it's not much, but there was some info