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Link sAUsage: 6 May 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The documentary film production of the SEC Network behind a number of Auburn related products like "Bo, Barkley, and The Big Hurt" and the story of the 2013 season have their next Auburn feature planned: Auburn women's basketball start, Olympic Gold Medalist, and alumna of the Army ROTC War Eagle Battalion Ruthie Bolton.


So who are the Tigers playing this weekend? Oh, no biggie, just Alabama. We'll have a preview of that series for you a little later today.


The 8th ranked Tigers earned the #2 seed at their NCAA Regional, which will be in Tuscaloosa. It marks the eighth straight year that the Tigers have made the NCAA field.


The last series of the regular season is here for Auburn Softball, and the Tigers are hoping to rebound from last weekend's showing and finish strong against Texas A&M.


Twenty-six years is a long time for someone to be in a job, but that's how long Auburn's Men's Tennis Coach Eric Shore has been doing his. He announced yesterday that he will be stepping down after this season.


Gus Malzahn is on his annual Tiger Trek, so he's had a few meetings with reporters. He also spoke in the SEC West Coaches Teleconference, yesterday, though there wasn't a terrible amount of new information to come out of that.

Gus has mentioned believing the next 3-4 years will be some of Auburn's best, but why does he think that? He answered that question, yesterday. He also said his goal is for Auburn to have a Top 10 defense. I know it sounds nuts, but I think the talent is definitely there. We'll see if the coaches can get them there.

Do you want a lot of videos previewing Auburn Football? Well, the SEC Network is doing their annual Spring Preview features in May, and they have a big collection of all the videos they were able to take over the course of the Spring when they were in town. I'm sure there will be more to come at that link in the near future.

More satellite camp news! The Tigers' coaches will be headed to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College to take part in a camp. I'm sure this type of news will start flooding out, now.

Auburn will probably play 5 defensive backs quite a bit this season, as most teams are nowadays regardless over whether they call themselves a base 4-3 or 3-4. And who will be the starter and leader for Auburn at that 5th Nickel spot? Rudy Ford. Tim Irvin played that spot a bit last season, but was injured. It's looking like, if everyone is healthy and no one is suspended, our defensive backfield may be Carlton Davis, Jamel Dean, Tray Matthews, Josh Holsey, and Rudy Ford. Oh, and the incoming graduate transfer may have a part to play, too, of course.