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Gus Malzahn at the SEC Spring Meetings

Gus spoke to some of the media during the SEC Spring Meetings this afternoon.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to James Crepea for the Periscope of Gus' brief time with the media. There may be more, but this is what I was able to take from the 7.5 minutes that his Periscope lasted.

Out of all of this, there isn't a whole lot to glean. I find it interesting that Gus isn't going to any of the Satellite Camps. I also like his confidence in the running back situation to the point that he got a little snippy on the prospect of Rudy Ford getting time at running back. In fairness to the questioner (I think it was Crepea, himself), there were rumors and talks that Ford could get some touches if needed back during Spring Practice.

The following questions and responses are paraphrasing and not exact transcription.

How's the Golf game?

Not very good.

On Satellite Camps:

There's going to be a learning curve for coaches in the SEC. He wants his coaches around his players; only sending coaches to three camps, and he's not attending any of them.

Why Gus isn't going himself:

No recruiting, just evaluating/working out players, doesn't see any value in it. Wants to be around his current players; they're most important to him.

On a Conference camp:

After this summer, everyone will learn and have ideas on what is best.


No discussion on it. His conversation was casual with ESPN, no real strong feelings.

On the new replay process:

Looking forward to having a central command with multiple people having opinions on calls that can be critical with big importance on the game.

Will it bring clarity to Targeting?

He hopes so; many calls are in a grey area and the more people giving advice should help.

On Roc transferring:

"I think he wants to get closer to home." Has a chance to play for high school coach. Wish him nothing but the best.

On the RB situation:

Jovon, Kerryon, Malik Miller, all are depth. Mentioned Kamryn and Chandler playing RB in high school. Confident Jovon will stay healthy; other three are good candidates if needed.

Could Pettway be moved full time if needed?

No doubt. Excellent spring. Played position in high school.

On the NFL Draft process for underclassmen:

Talk of possible junior Combine for more information for Juniors, possibility of players being able to come back, nothing was decided.

Would he pursue a graduate transfer at RB?


How about moving Rudy Ford?

Rudy is one of our better defensive players. Didn't sound like there was any chance. He seemed a bit peeved at the question, actually.

On Franklin working with the QB coach:

There was a previous relationship, don't read too much into it.

On naming a QB:

Feel like have 3 guys who can do well, we'll see where things go.

On incoming freshman:

Seven on campus, 3 more in June; all are expected to be good and ready to go.