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Link sAUsage: 10 June 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Hey, we're pretty much in the heart of the offseason, now. So be prepared for a few silly non-sports related things for a few weeks as we're waiting for sports news to come back around. Tuco got us started with some ideas on ways to kill time during the offseason.


Anfernee Grier was chosen 39th in the 2nd round of the MLB Draft, last night. He was chosen by the Arizona Diamondbacks.


After two straight trips to the Women's College World Series, the Tigers aren't done. They're not slowing down according to the official site, and head coach Clint Myers has stated that the road to OKC goes through Auburn, now.

To show you just how that's working out, one of Auburn's signees in softball was just chosen as the High School Softball Player of the Year by USA Today. That's pretty impressive. Clint Myers just continues to add talent to an already good team. See fans welcoming the team home last night in Jane B Moore Field when they arrived back from Oklahoma City.


Both of Auburn's H-Backs need to get the ball more this season, but SEC Country focuses on one in particular that they say needs to get the ball more. That's a part of Brandon Marcello's "Most Important Tigers" where he's counting down the 25 most important people for the Tigers this season.

CBS has chosen their idea for Auburn's "Mount Rushmore of Football." There are some very familiar faces on it. It's hard to argue with the Heisman winners on there. The question of Pat Dye or Shug Jordan or others would be interesting.

Kodi Burns spoke about his receiver corps and satellite camps in Columbus. Auburn actually has a satellite camp ongoing as I finish this up.