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Link sAUsage: 13 June 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Keegan Thompson.
Keegan Thompson.
Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics

First, I'm sorry content has been scarce over the last few days. A combination of annual training, burnout from five straight nights of staying up to watch softball, writing about it, then still getting up at 4:40am for PT, plus getting down to the final stages of wedding planning had me fairly busy and I really just didn't feel like doing much.

And now here's your news over the last few days.


By now you know Anfernee Grier was drafted by the Diamondbacks early in the 2nd round. Here's what he had to say to the official site about it all. Josh Palacios also went fairly early, as well, in the 4th round to the Toronto Blue Jays. Other than that, most of the Tigers drafted were drafted in later rounds. Of particular importance to the Tigers is the fact that many key signees were drafted later, which means Auburn's recruiting class should remain intact. And there are some great arms in that class. Getting Keegan Thompson back just makes it even better.

See the official site's roundup of all Tigers taken in the MLB Draft Saturday, here. Hopefully, I'll have something for you soon on the signing class and who all is staying on campus and who is going to be coming to campus as a freshman for the first time.


Auburn commit Austin Wiley is competing for a spot on the United States' Under-17 national team. That's a pretty spectacular honor. And, after I wrote that sentence, he has been selected to be a part of the final team!


T.J. Neal has been on campus for a month, and he's already impressing his teammates and his coaches. That's good news for Auburn, who will need him to step up in a big way as a leader with experience at the linebacker position.

The Miami satellite camp was extremely important for Auburn according to SEC Country. See why they think so, here. I'll give my quick and easy thought: Miami is a hot bed for recruiting and getting in good with high school coaches down there helps the Tigers get in good with players.

Daniel Carlson is very accurate. And can do a wicked front flip into Lake Martin after running down stairs. DON'T YOU GET HURT, LEGATRON.