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Watching the 2015 Offense: A Reader's Perspective

Reader/Commenter "OhIndeedMaybe?" watched and analyzed the offense in every game. See what he determined.

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I originally planned on posting these individually to the Front Page, but I also didn't realize how quickly the series would be complete! By the time softball was finishing up, he was mostly finished, and I didn't want to just move things already on the site to the Front Page a day at a time when you could already go and check them all out.

So, here is the 5-part series by commenter OhIndeedMaybe?, also known as @DanInNC_Ohrly21 on Twitter, on the 2015 offense. What went wrong, what went right? What were the statistics in all sorts of situations (drops, drops when they could have been 1st downs/TDs, red zone performance, etc) and how did they affect the outcomes of the games?

For all the talk of Auburn's ineptitude on offense in 2015, this was still a team that was close to winning most every game. Take what you want from this analysis and realize that with just a bit of improvement from the WRs, QB play, and some more effective line blocking, and this is a team that is much better. Oh, and that's with the defense struggling a good bit of the season, too.

Part 1: Hopes Quickly Dashed, Games 1-3

Part 2: A New Start and a Similar End, Game 4-8

Part 3: Back Aboard the JJ Train! Or Not... Games 9-12

Part 4: Bowling and Looking At Stats!

Part 5: Looking For Hope and Answers to Problems

Be advised, this is going to take a long time if you read through it all. I also, admittedly, did no editing for typos, etc. Not that I'm anyone to talk about those since I make plenty of them myself even WITH an editing/grammar program helping me out.

It's a thorough examination of the season past, though, and well worth the time to check out each piece if you haven't already. Perhaps it'll give some of you a bit of hope that a healthy Sean White with improved WRs or JF3 and a much more viable zone-read means Auburn will get back on track offensively in 2016.

To see what we wrote back in January immediately following the season, be sure to check out the "Season of Murphy" story stream (to which this article has been added).