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Make Music Alabama: Help Spicer's Music Set a World Record

A local Auburn music shop is going for the world record in the largest rock band category.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Do you live in the Loveliest Village? Are you just kinda close? Want to be a world record holder?

Well, there's a chance for you to do that tomorrow night! As part of the "Make Music Day" celebrated in 120 countries around the world, and for the first time in Alabama, Spicer's Music is attempting to put together the world record for the largest rock band. The event will be at 6pm at the Gay Street Municipal Parking Lot in downtown Auburn, and there will be free food and even a bar tab for the participants according to The Corner News.

521 musicians are needed for the event, and as of last week, they were up to 400 registered for the event. The band will be playing "Sweet Home Alabama," and will be filled with a number of different instruments. I've registered to be there with my mandolin (because I'm sure there are already going to be a ton of guitars).

Don't know how to play an instrument? You can still show up and sing! Or you can volunteer. They're looking for people to help volunteer, as well. All of the information is listed on the questionnaire/registration site.

For the store's main page, check them out, here. I bought said mandolin from them a few months back and would recommend their story to anyone.