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Link sAUsage: 23 June 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Gunnar Rathbun-USA TODAY Sports


In massively good news for Butch Thompson, JUCO signee Josh Anthony turned down a contract offer from the Atlanta Braves and decided to attend Auburn. He is a big-time slugger, and he's fast on the base paths, as well. He'll fill Anfernee Grier's role at the plate nicely, next Spring. I believe that's the last of the signees we were waiting for word on, so hopefully I can have something up on the baseball roster, soon.


There've been a couple of basketball articles out, lately, as players have been made available to the media or to the official site. Jared Harper is the subject of an official site article from yesterday morning. Harper is small and may not look like much, but he's going to be a key cog in the basketball team's plan, this year.

Mustapha Heron also spoke with the media about all sorts of things. What it's like going from the northeast to the south, the transition to college, etc.

In not-so-great news, but with a silver lining, Horace Spencer underwent knee surgery in the offseason. He's expected to be back to 100% by the time practice starts, though, so that's the silver lining for a potential starting big man.


Jay Jacobs has attempted to shore up Gus Malzahn's job status in a few ways the past couple of weeks. First, there was the contract extension. Then he started talking about the need for stability. I addressed those things and why I think Gus deserves to be Auburn's coach until at least 2017.

In the VIP 20, #17 is a defensive back who spent a good part of last year injured and is really hoping to make a mark, this year. His first play as a Tiger was an interception, and we're all hoping he improves from there!