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Link sAUsage: 29 June 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Auburn coaches discussed Pat Summitt, her career, her legacy, and what they meant to her. That includes current and former coaches like Joe Ciampi who coached against her.

Speaking of Ciampi and coaching against Summitt, Tuco wrote about one of the greatest games in Auburn Women's Basketball history when an undefeated Tennessee came to face an undefeated Auburn.


I didn't get to write about this last night, but Auburn has set up a big non-conference home-and-home with UConn. Bruce Pearl definitely isn't afraid to schedule the best, that's for sure.


Here's a story on the two Snow sisters who are heading to Auburn. One as a freshman, the other as a transfer. Let's hope they know something; unlike Jon.


Do you want a crazy statistic? Auburn, even with how bad last year's offense was, is still Top 5 in the nation (or, at least, Gus is) when it comes to getting touchdowns in the red zone. So, I wrote about why that is (2013 was so crazy good), what's changed, and what Auburn needs to do to get back to that.

SECcountry ranks Auburn's non-conference opponents that we know about. I'm still dreading that 2017 match-up against Georgia Southern. Assuming I'm still writing on these here Internets, I'm going to do once crazy Q&A with myself on that one.

So, the whole "Auburn does best when people think we'll be horrible" thing still exists. The inverse is also still something that will be talked about all the time. Especially after last season. SECcountry discussed 17 times Auburn has proved experts wrong.

The VIP 20 is on to Auburn's returning leading tackler and a starter in the defensive backfield. He'll probably swap between nickel and safety.