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Link sAUsage: 3 June 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Bob Levey/Getty Images


Anfernee Grier is a Golden Spikes semifinalist and you can go vote for him! Vote early and often. No, really, there's no limit, apparently.


Auburn's Jade Rhodes has had quite the life and has quite the story. Be sure to read about it and what motivates her every day on the softball field.

Round 1 is done with in the Women's College World Series and that game could not have worked out much better for the Tigers. Kaylee Carlson went the distance and Auburn won 10-3.

Next up for the Tigers is a familiar foe: Georgia. That game was initially supposed to be tonight, but with the weather it has been moved to Saturday night. You can see more on how to watch it and check out our preview here.


What's going on with the Jordan-Hare Stadium north end zone renovations? Well, they're still be examined and who knows what's going to happen with it. I know they initially hoped to get started after this football season if they were going to happen, soon.

Want tickets? Pre-sale for some tickets begins Monday with public season tickets on sale two days later.

Who is a player "under pressure" to perform this season for Auburn according to ESPN? I'll give you a hint: it's a defensive player who has had some injury issues and wants to improve his already high draft stock. He's being predicted by ESPN to be a "double-digit sack artist" in 2016, so no, no pressure Carl!

Kerryon Johnson sat out the spring due to shoulder surgery. With Roc gone, we need him to fill the role everyone thought Roc would fill over the last two seasons. So how's he doing? Well, according to his father it sounds like he's 100% cleared and ready to go.

Rodney Garner spoke about the arrested football players for the first time yesterday, saying they're remoreseful and he hopes they've learned from their mistake. At least they didn't have a stolen gun on them, right?

The SEC says the targeting call that was overturned on the play that injured Auburn DB Jeremiah Dinson should not have been overturned. Thanks, SEC. In fairness, that's one of the things they're hoping to fix with multiple people dealing with replay. There's some interesting use of the English language in that article, too. It's not often you see the Future Perfect Continuous tense and I'm pretty sure it's not correctly used here, anyway. I think Simple Future was the way to go to not make it as awkward and clunky. It wasn't directly quoting Steve Shaw in the article, but it did read like something Shaw said, though, so I'm not faulting Crepea for it. That just bugged me.