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Offensive Tackle Signee Brodarius Hamm Has Enrolled at Auburn

This is outstanding news for a kid who had such a wrench thrown into his future plans.

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Ordinarily, I would not do a full article on a signee arriving at Auburn. The Tigers have had a few late additions and are still waiting for a few more from the 2016 recruiting class to arrive.

Brodarius Hamm's situation is a bit different, though. Back in March, Hamm, a 6'5, 320 lbs offensive tackle from Spalding High School in Griffin, GA, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. He was the second Auburn signee to be diagnosed with cancer in this recruiting cycle.

With that, his future became unclear. He was always going to have the scholarship offer at Auburn, but when he would play football again should his cancer treatment be successful was the question.

Hamm will not play football this season, of course, but he has arrived on campus and is enrolled in classes at Auburn University according to Kieth Niebuhr of 247Sports and confirmed by Brandon Marcello of SECcountry.

His fight with cancer isn't done, yet, but it's fantastic to know he's healthy enough to be in school at Auburn. We wish him all the best in his continued to fight and hope his story - and Tashawn Manning's - will rival Shon Coleman at Auburn for overcoming cancer and still reaching their dreams.

Welcome to the Loveliest Village, Brodarius. War Eagle!