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Link sAUsage: 7 June 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Brock Lesnar, a wrestler, says he's the "modern day Bo Jackson," because he's done wrestling and MMA, and, yeah, you can just f^ck right off, Brock. You're not Bo. You're not even Kevin Greene, who played pro football and wrestled.


Needing some basketball news? Well, here's an edition of "This Is Auburn Basketball" for you. Incidentally, there was an "insider" report on a pay site the other day that talked about Auburn's "open gym" session for recruits, current players, etc. The gist of it was... get hyped for Danjel Purifoy, because he's the best player on the court.


There are a few Tigers heading out to the NCAA Outdoor Championships in Eugene, Oregon. For some, it will be particularly emotional.


Lexi Davis pitched a wonderful game for Auburn, but unfortunately one bad pitch is all it takes. She gave up a 3-run home run to Sydney Romero, and Auburn's 7th inning rally came up just short for Auburn to drop Game 1 of the Championship Series 3-2.

Auburn's back is against the wall, tonight. The Tigers have to win to force Game 3. Here's how to watch and a brief preview. There is a good reason to be hopeful for tonight in there, and it has to do with pitching staffs.


AU_Jonesy is going to be taking up some of the offseason with film studies of some famous Auburn football plays. He got things started yesterday with a review of Lawyer Tillman's famous reverse in the Iron Bowl.

So in the midst of the Softball excitement and the commits during Big Cat Weekend, an announcement was made this afternoon that Auburn has extended Gus Malzahn's contract by one year. In a way it's all just a compromise to shore up his contract enough to convince recruits while also not placing TOO big a financial burden on the school should he struggle and Auburn fire him after this season.

Who are some intriguing freshmen for Auburn Football? ESPN picked one on offense and one on defense. I would have gone with Marlon Davidson on defense, personally. That's primarily because I think Auburn's interior defensive line is so stacked that Davidson will play more on the edge than Brown will on the interior.

I'm sure numerous readers older than me have had these moments, but in today's "hey, when did I start getting older?" moment, Auburn has offered Bo Nix, a 2019 QB recruit, who is also the son of Patrick Nix and, wow, it seems like "Nix is gonna float one up for Sanders..." was still just yesterday.