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How to Watch Auburn vs Oklahoma Game 2 Women's College World Series Championship Series Live Online, Time, TV and more

Auburn's back is against the wall and the Tigers need a win tonight to extend it to Game 3.

Dakota Sumpter / Auburn Athletics

Update: Hi there! You may have come looking for the information to watch Game 3, the finale, whereas this is the Game 2 Preview/Game time. The game time is a bit different, but the other information is the same as below. To get all of the correct information and see what we wrote about Game 3 specifically, click this link! War Eagle!

One bad pitch and a failed late rally and the Auburn Tigers find themselves in a hole. It's not an unfamiliar position for the Tigers, though. It's also one in which they've thrived.

Auburn has bounced back strong following most all of their few losses this season. When Arizona won Game 1 of the Super Regional, Auburn won two games in a row to clench the trip to Oklahoma City.

Now, the Tigers find themselves with the ultimate back-to-the-wall scenario. It's the Championship Series. Win tonight and Auburn will play Oklahoma with everything on the line tomorrow night. Lose tonight, and the Tigers go home.

Oklahoma is a very tough and well-coached team. Auburn didn't crack Paige Parker until the final inning. Even though they put runners on board in nearly every inning, they couldn't get runners advanced and across the plate. Parker has pitched every inning for Oklahoma, so far. It's to be expected she will do the same, tonight.

That's an advantage for Auburn. The Tigers have been excellent at adjusting to pitchers they see more than once. Parker now has three games in three days under her belt, and she's got to be a bit fatigued (even though Auburn didn't force her to throw too much, last night). Auburn relied on Lexi Davis, who hadn't pitched at all in the WCWS, for the entirety of the game. That means the Tigers have Marcy Harper who still is 100% fresh to go along with Kaylee Carlson, Makayla Martin, and Rachel Walters who have now had a days rest. OU hasn't faced any of those three. Auburn faced Parker last night and you see by the end they were figuring out how to get the bat on the ball.

If I had to guess, I'd say Kaylee Carlson gets the start, tonight. We'll see, though. Everything is on the line. Auburn knows they can hang with this team and that they can win anything. They just have to go prove it to the world.

How to Watch:

Time: 8:00pm Eastern / 7:00pm Central


Stream: WatchESPN

Watch Party: If you're in Auburn, get to Jane B. Moore Field and watch the Tigers on the video board!