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Link sAUsage: 9 June 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Tuco took a look back at one of Bo Jackson's most amazing plays as a baseball player. "The Throw" to put out Harold Reynolds. It is one of the best examples of the marvel that was Bo's athletic ability.

Anfernee Grier is hoping to hear his name early in the MLB Draft. Some are predicting he won't have to wait very long at all. I've seen conversation that he could go as early as 23rd to [vomit] the Cardinals.


Even as the team struggled, Auburn's attendance numbers still rose. They were up for the 2nd year in a row. I have a feeling those numbers could be even higher this season with the talent on the 2016-17 roster.


Last season was disappointing for Auburn in men's and women's track. Coach Ralph Spry is sure the program will get turned around and return to form, though. A number of Tigers are participating in the NCAA Championships this week. They're off to a decent start as four Tigers earned All-America honors on Day 1.


The Tigers fought so hard, but came up just shy of winning it all as they fell to Oklahoma 2-1 in the Women's College World Series finale. The whole series really came down to just a few plays that could have gone either way. Clint Myers' girls fought hard no matter the situation and there's no reason to doubt that they'll be back there very soon.

As with last season, there will be a special "Welcome Home" for the team today at 5:30pm at Jane B Moore Field. If you're in town or close enough to get there, then pack the stands and welcome our girls home.


I'm curious how many variations on this topic we're going to get this season. It seems every week there is an article on how Auburn's defensive line depth may be the best the team has had in years. Now there's yet another one from

ESPN ranked the SEC's pregame traditions. It's no shock that Auburn's eagle flight was chosen as the best. It really is an amazing sight to see and something that never gets old every time I see it.