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Auburn’s Real SEC Network Takeover

Walt guessed what would be on here. Not bad!

Michael Chang/Getty Images

Back in May, we learned that July 24th would be Auburn’s day to shine on the SEC Network, but we weren’t told what the programming would actually be. Walt did his best to guess what that schedule would be. (Plus a few silly alternate versions. This is just a blog for crying out loud.)

Here’s what Walt thought would happen.

0530 You Don't Know Bo
0700 1989 Iron Bowl
0900 2016 SEC Softball Championship Game
1100 2013 Auburn vs UGA Football
1300 2016 Auburn vs Kentucky Basketball
1500 Bo, Barkley, and The Big Hurt
1600 2011 BCS Championship Game
1800 This is Auburn
1900 2013 Iron Bowl
2100 Mighty Ruthie
2200 2004 Football SEC Championship Game

And here’s what it really is.

12:00 AM 1989 Auburn vs Alabama Football
2:00 AM 2016 Auburn vs Kentucky Women's Basketball
4:00 AM 2015 Auburn vs South Carolina Soccer
6:00 AM 1994 Auburn vs Florida Football
8:00 AM Bo, Barkley, and The Big Hurt
9:00 AM 2004 LSU vs Auburn Football
11:00 AM 2016 Auburn vs Alabama Gymnastics
12:30 PM 2010 Auburn vs Alabama Football
2:30 PM 2016 Auburn vs Kentucky Men's Basketball
4:30 PM 2013 Auburn vs Alabama Football
7:00 PM This is Auburn
8:00 PM 2016 Oklahoma vs Auburn Softball (game 2)
10:00 PM This is Auburn
11:00 PM Mighty Ruthie

So what’s in common? This year’s gymnastics meet with Alabama, the 1989 Iron Bowl, this year’s basketball game with Kentucky and the immortal 2013 Iron Bowl. Plus, a few documentary-type shows.

We had the 2006 South Carolina game on there, but the SEC Network picked the 1994 game with Florida instead. So both year’s this has happened there’s been Florida football game on. Maybe ESPN wants Auburn in the East after all.

Never mind. Instead of the 2004 SEC Championship, we get the LSU game from that year.

By the way, these two games answer some complaints about last year’s lineup. Plenty of you were asking for the ‘94 UF game over the ‘06 game they showed. And there were no games form 2004 shown last year. Problem solved.

Instead of the men’s basketball win over UAB, we get the women’s team and their own victory over Kentucky.

One 2013 miracle is apparently enough, so we’ll see the 2010 Iron Bowl over the Miracle in Jordan-Hare.

Despite being told no NCAA championships are allowable (I’m pretty sure we’ve been told that), game 2 of this year’s WCWS finals with Oklahoma made the cut. Walt probably would have chosen that one over the SEC Championship Game had he known it was an option.

Finally, it’s rounded out with the SEC tournament soccer game vs South Carolina and another rendition of This is Auburn. What? No You Don’t Know Bo? Okaaaaaay.

Overall, I’m fine with the schedule. It’s neat that they’ve picked two non-Iron Bowls at least a decade old. I like that the women’s basketball, gymnastics, softball. and soccer teams are included.

So, what do you think? What’s missing? What’s on there that you could do without? Will you be watching? Why is there no cooking show with Herb Hand? Let us know in the comments.