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Link sAUsage: 14 July 2016

NCAA Football: Auburn at Arkansas Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning! Auburn’s SEC Network takeover lineup was released yesterday. We already knew the games, but we didn’t know the order yet. It’s too bad the 1989 Iron Bowl is at midnight. I would have liked to pseudo-live tweet that one.

Here’s the morning update:


It was Alabama day at SEC Media Days yesterday, or as I like to call it, “GumpCon”. Unfortunately it didn’t provide much for actual Auburn news. More came out of Arkansas’s time at the podiums than Alabama’s. After BERT’s usual attempt to be the new Spurrier (just without all of the success), last year’s 4 overtime thriller was mentioned. Gus Malzahn thought it was a “pivotal” game last season, and both teams expect a tough game this year. The game brought extra meaning for Arkansas tight end Jeremy Sprinkle, the older brother of Auburn pitcher Daniel Sprinkle.

The Official Site has a summary of Carl Lawson’s interviews on Monday. Lawson said he’d like to go into broadcasting some day. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is excellent at it. He’s been a thoughtful and direct interviewee going all the way back to his time as a 5-star recruit.

Marcus Davis sees a lot of himself in Nate Craig-Myers. Though Craig-Myers is 5 inches taller, Davis points out that he is a natural athlete and very mature for his age. Auburn will need at least one of the incoming receivers to catch on fast this season, with a lack of veteran depth at the position.

Incoming quarterback John Franklin III posted a video of him going through passing drills on an “off day” yesterday. There’s no defense in the video at all, but Franklin looked sharp. If he doesn’t win the job over Sean White and Jeremy Johnson, it won’t be because he didn’t work his tail off to accomplish it.

Another watch list, and another Auburn player named to the watch list. This time it’s a little more meaningful, as #LEGATRON himself was named to the Wuerfful Trophy watch list. The trophy is awarded to the player that best combines athletics, academics, and community service. This is truly an award where just being nominated is an honor.

Lastly for football, former Tennessee standout Eric Berry won “Comeback Player of the Year” last night at the ESPYs. I would have posted this video no matter what, but it’s especially poignant for Auburn fans since he mentions incoming freshman Brodarius Hamm. Berry is an inspiration for anyone that fights through adversity. I’m a die-hard Panthers fan, but I cheered on Eric Berry every game last season.


Auburn is very happy that the Barbasol Championship is played in their backyard. It’s helped with recruiting for the golf teams, and has allowed a chance for several former Auburn athletes to come back to the area and participate in the Pro-Am. Gus Malzahn, Tim Hudson, and Joe Cribbs are just a few of the names that played yesterday.


A bit of a sad follow-up to our Pokemon Go story from Tuesday, an Auburn student was lured into an armed robbery at 3 AM yesterday. It’s a little frightening how quickly the criminal element has started using Pokemon Go as a front for burglary, robbery, and assault. Remember kids, nothing good happens after 2 AM. Especially since the War Eagle Supper Club is closed now.