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Link sAUsage: 19 July 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Dakota Sumpter / Auburn Athletics


The official site has an article on 2015/16 being the "Year of the Female Athlete" at Auburn. It's hard to argue with that, as nearly every team reached levels it has never or only rarely reached before. Soccer, Tennis, and Softball all went further in the post-season than they ever have. Basketball made the Big Dance. Gymnastics came up one short of the Super Six for the 2nd year in a row. Equestrian won the national championship. It was a banner year for Auburn's women's sports.


Speaking of women's sports, you can vote Kasey Cooper into the next round in the #Elite90 voting for the NCAA. She's pretty high up in the voting, right now, so make sure we keep here there!


Auburn Tennis is getting some pretty big technological upgrades with the PlaySight system. It will allow for live streaming of matches to families and fans, while also allowing the school to archive matches from multiple angles to help in coaching the players. The system will show in/out calls, ball spin, and all sorts of other things.


AU_Jonesy is trying to build the best Gus Malzahn offense he can using any former players. I agree with the first comment, too. The players you choose really dictates what you want Malzahn's offense to be. Your choice of QB changes things around considerably. To me, that just goes to show that Malzahn is a chameleon on scheme, as I've argued repeatedly. He's about style (HUNH) not scheme (inside zone, inverted veer, pass-heavy, etc).

Gus Malzahn did the ESPN car wash thing, yesterday, where he went around talking on various shows. One of the things he did discuss was Jeremy Johnson and the issues he had dealing with the hype of last season. He's said Jeremy is changed and focused. He really hit on the "earn it" philosophy during his rounds.

One thing Gus really wants to get back to is focusing on explosive plays. The lack of those big gains was something that really hurt Auburn, last year. Those are when Gus tends to like to ramp up the speed and keep defenses back on their toes. is previewing early games in the season, already, and they've hit Clemson and Arkansas State. That's part of one of the toughest September schedules in all of college football, this year.

Let's not turn this one into any sort of debate, but it's still pretty awesome to see in light of recent events around the nation. An Auburn linebacker went out of his way the other afternoon to visit with the Auburn Police Department.