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Link sAUsage: 20 July 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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WarRoom Eagle continues the Delaware Wing-T book review with a discussion of the elements of the offense. It's as informative as ever at showing you where some of Gus Malzahn's offense comes from. Don't forget, you can find all of his articles on the Delaware Wing-T right here in one spot!

Gus has said it before, we've mentioned it before, but it was written about again, yesterday, so here it is again, now! Malzahn believes that the 2016 defense has the chance to be the best he's ever had at Auburn. That's as a coordinator or head coach. I can believe it, too. The 2010 defense did just enough to win, but this defensive line is loaded with people who could stand out and not just containing one interior beast. This could actually be a very good defense, this year.

Marcus Davis is thrilled that Nate Craig-Myers is setting his goal to be Auburn's top receiver. That type of drive and attitude is exactly what the team needs, according to Davis. I keep forgetting about the incoming crop of freshman wide receivers. Whenever I do remember them I get very excited at the prospect of how good the receivers could be. If we throw downfield enough to get the ball to them.

The date is set. The players report Tuesday, August 2nd. Practice begins Wednesday, August 3rd. Football season is just weeks away.

To step into recruiting news for a bit, Auburn needs a QB for the 2017 class. The Tigers lost Lowell Narcisse and then missed out on Kellen Mond. Where are they looking? Well, it seems that Florida QB commit Kadarius Toney is right there for the taking if the Tigers offer him. He's always liked Auburn and he threw for Auburn coaches, yesterday.