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Link sAUsage: 21 July 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The entire non-conference schedule is out! It's going to be quite the test for Bruce Pearl's 3rd team. Thankfully, I think they're up to the challenge. That's going to be quite the road, though.


Everyone can do "5 Burning Questions," because everyone knows the big questions going into fall practice. So, I decided to do "5 Non-Burning Questions." These are just some of the random things I'm curious about, but aren't really going to be deciding factors (I don't think) in how the year will play out.

The "early scouting report" from is on the Texas A&M game. This is one that is pegged by many as the true turning point for the season. Most pundits think Auburn will drop the opener to Clemson and defeat Arkansas State. The big question will be how they come out of the Texas A&M and LSU games.

The four players arrested for marijuana possession won't face their court date today. It's been continued until just before the football season begins. Don't think that means much, though, since Gus has already said it is a first offense for all of them and won't affect their on-field playing time.

We're not even at fall practice (but we're less than two weeks away!) and Auburn has already set the date for the 2017 A-Day game. It will take place one day earlier than this year's game.