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Link sAUsage: 5 July 2016

NCAA Football: Auburn-Spring Game Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day weekend. Thankfully the amount of updates from the weekend are pretty slim. Auburn didn’t need to do a secondary violations press dump on Friday before a holiday weekend.

There was an Auburn mention on Jeopardy!. The War Eagle Reader has the video. Thankfully someone got the right answer. I think the last time Auburn came up, a contestant referenced Alabama instead, which irritated both fanbases.


Auburn had eight swimmers qualify for the Olympics. Unfortunately, none of Auburn’s American swimmers qualified, as Zane Grothe and Micah Lawrence both finished fourth in their respective events.


2017 commitment and Auburn legacy Austin Wiley won a gold medal as part of Team USA’s win at the FIBA U-17 World Championships. Wiley saw action in all seven games, all Team USA victories, averaging 8 points and 6.4 rebounds per game.

The official site also has a feature on incoming transfer DeSean Murray, who is sitting out this year. Murray can still help the Tigers by practicing hard against the eligible players.


The VIP list at rolled along with a veteran making a big push at center, a big man returning for one last ride, and talented linebacker attempting to have a breakthrough season.

War Eagle!