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What Are The Odds Auburn Wins the SEC?

NCAA Football: Idaho at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

#AuburnFast ??? Nah. Perhaps #AuburnUnexpected better describes this team considering the way the football team lives up to preseason expectations. (Then again, maybe not.) Over the decades, the Tigers have surprised the experts at least 17 times, according to this “list-icle.” So what does the smart money have to say about Auburn this year?

With so many saying this is Gus’ last year and the Tigers will be lucky to win six games, Bovada has Auburn with the 3rd-best odds to win the SEC West. You might think Ole Miss has a better shot, but they’ve never won it before, so...

Things start to get a little crazy if you compare the division odds to the conference title odds. The order gets reshuffled with Ole Miss jumping Auburn and Texas A&M jumping both Auburn and Arkansas. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it’s no worse than when, at last year’s SEC Media Days, Alabama was picked to win the West while Auburn was picked to the win the SEC Championship Game. (Don’t tell Barrett Sallee.)

So, with 7/1 odds for the West and 18/1 odds for the conference title, do you bet on Auburn? What other team is overrated? Which one is a steal?