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Link sAUsage: 10 August 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Deshaun Davis. Chandler Cox took him on in the scrimmage and won.
Deshaun Davis. Chandler Cox took him on in the scrimmage and won.
Auburn Athletics


It's one of those key moments in the offseason... Bill C's preview for Auburn is out! It's a very fair and realistic look at the likely and possibly outcomes for this upcoming football season.

The scrimmage has already happened, but here were's "5 questions" for it. I'll go ahead and answer them for you based on the "insider" reports I've seen around the internet... 1) Yes, 2) Ok; nothing special 3) Yes, and not the one you may think 4) No idea 5) Yes.

Now, what did Gus Malzahn have to say about the scrimmage? Here's the Tweet-cap from yesterday with some pictures and video.

Gus said that all three QB candidates impressed. One in particular (the one I've thought all along) is the one who has been out front the most, it sounds like. Here's the story from the official site.

Chandler Cox took on linebacker Deshaun Davis head on during the scrimmage and Davis was quite happy to admit that Cox was the victor. It sounds like the H-Back/RBs have picked up where they left off during A-Day: running angry. Pettway in particular has stated that he likes to run through people.

On the defensive side, there's some good news around former 5* Byron Cowart. Rodney Garner says he's really turned a corner compared to last season. Hopefully he can start living up to hat ranking and providing a serious threat on the other edge from Lawson.