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Auburn Football 2016 Scrimmage #1 Highlight Video

Auburn released a short video earlier today featuring some of the plays from yesterday's scrimmage. There's not much, but since we're mostly starved for any bit of information we can, let's post it and talk about it!

Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics

So, what can we see in this? Throughout the video Rhett Lashlee is mic'd up and talking throughout. As the tweet from the official account is headlined, he's screaming "Hurry! Hurry! Hurry up!" at the beginning. That does seem to indicate what some observers have said about the scrimmage: there was a lot of emphasis on getting back to that full-speed hurry-up that has been so lacking from the last two seasons.

The first play seen appears to be the infamous incident of Chandler Cox taking on Deshaun Davis. The initial hit isn't very clear, but the result (Davis sent to the turf) is. What makes it even better is that it looks like he continues through with a big hit on #49 Darrell Williams even after his momentum was slowed from hitting Davis.

After that play, there's what Brandon Marcello confirms was a screen pass from John Franklin III to Jason Smith which scored a long touchdown. Smith came to Auburn as someone with play-making abilities, so hopefully this is a sign of things to come from him. I do have to say that my favorite part of that play was Lashlee saying "good blocking!" Wide receiver blocking was something that was sorely lacking last season. It's a reason why so many of the screen plays went for short or no yardage.

Before you get too excited about the pass after that, it was thrown from walk-on Devin Adams. It's a pretty ball, though! Thrown just to the outside where the DB can't get it, and Eli Stove comes down with the spectacular one-handed grab. The DB was RS FR (walk-on, I assume) Raymond Lester, so who knows how that situation plays out if it's an SEC caliber DB. Still, it was a great catch with great concentration.

Woody Barrett gets some training running with the football, Eli Stove is running with another pass, Jeremy Johnson running for a first down, RB C.J. Tolbert (#48) avoiding the tackle of Montavious Atkinson (also #48), and a big hit by Carlton Davis (now wearing #6) on WR Stanton Truitt (#10). I love the quiet "hopefully he hops up" after that hit before going back into the "hustle up!" calls and the praise for Truitt holding on to the football.

Like I said, not a whole lot, since the video totals just 1:25, but it's all we have right now, so here it is!