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Auburn Football 2016 Post Practice #7 Player Interviews

No coaches were available, tonight, but there were some players who spoke with the media tonight. All credit, as always, to the beat writers who were there.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The media got to speak with #Legatron for the first time this year, and he had some great things to say. I love that he's confident in his leg from 60 yards and in. We've seen that he's easily capable of that in the past, though. If his accuracy is on point, I don't see any way he doesn't walk away a finalist and probably winner of the Lou Groza Award this season.

JF3 working at the back-up holder position is intriguing. That was reported the other day and led to the Batman Vine (Batman in this case was a reference to the Swinging Gate play). I could definitely see that being used as a trick play at some point.

I really hope Carlson doesn't go pro after this season, but if he wins the Groza, then there's a big chance he does it. He's already graduated from Auburn, so there's no reason for him to stick around even if he does go undrafted. He's going to get on a roster with his leg strength and accuracy.

I hope Darrell Williams is right about Travis Williams' coaching style and that it leads to linebackers as fierce as T-Will himself was. I didn't have a tweet in here about it, but Williams also mentioned that Tre Williams* is still missing time at practice from his injury last week.

I love Jason Smith's confidence in the defense. I just hope he's right.

Darrell Williams

Jason Smith

*Anyone else feel like Blazing Saddles with some of our players and coaches? We have so many named Davis and Williams. I can't help but think of those scenes where someone says "Dr Samuel Johnson's right about Olson Johnson being right."