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Link sAUsage: 11 August 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Last year, Auburn Soccer made their deepest run into the NCAA Playoffs in team history. Expectations are high for that and better, this year, and it sounds like the team and coaches are confident they have the players to live up to that.

The first chance they'll have to showcase the new team will be tonight at the Auburn Soccer Complex, where they'll play Alabama in an exhibition.


It's not much, but there's a short video highlight of Tuesday's scrimmage. You can see some good signs in there if you feel like reading that deeply into a 1:25 video.

No coaches were available to the media following yesterday's practice, but three Tiger players spoke with the media. This time it was Daniel Carlson, Darrell Williams, and Jason Smith. See what they had to say about the 2016 Fall Camp.

There's been a change in the broadcasting contract for Auburn (though the radio crews remain the same), so there's a chance there's been a change in the affiliate you may listen to on the radio. See all of the details, here.

Deshaun Davis feels good about where things stand with the linebackers, and it sounds like they're all responding to first year linebackers coach Travis Williams.

Believe it or not, but there's a position battle going on with special teams. After a pretty good (though not by any means great) 2015, Kevin Phillips is facing competition for the starting punter job. Let's just how if someone beats him out that they're able to throw as nice a pass as he can.

Robert Leff will be starting this season after a career as a back-up. One of the players he credits for his rise is Carl Lawson. Leff spent his early career at left tackle where he had to face Carl in practice. Facing one of the best pass rushers in the nation is bound to make you better.

Kam Pettway isn't a running back converted from fullback. He's a running back who Auburn moved to FB because of his size and is now back at his old position. He's ready to prove that he's always had the ability to run with the football.

Tony Stevens is tall, fast, and Auburn fans have been excited about his potential since he signed with the team. Unfortunately, he's never really been able to showcase those talents. Now, in his senior season, it's his last chance to make a name for himself.