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Auburn Football 2016: Post Practice #8 Press Conferences

Both of Auburn's coordinators met with the media tonight after practice. Let's see what they had to talk about through the magic of Twitter! All credit to the beat writers who were there.

Auburn Athletics

Both coordinators met with the media, tonight. That's a bit different from usual. Kevin Steele had some encouraging things to say, but wasn't too specific. It's a shame, really. It seems he's been curtailed from talking as much from what I remember back in the Spring. It seems like back then, the beat writers were commenting on how refreshingly open he was compared to the other coaches. Now, he's a bit more close-mouthed.


I love hearing stories about freshman stepping up and making a difference. Daniel Thomas would make a great story. He was a last second offer back on signing day who was likely headed north to Minnesota until the Tigers stepped in with an offer.

Montavious Atkinson is a player I really look forward to seeing. He has the famous man-child recruiting picture and has been converted to a smallish linebacker from his previous safety slot. Like his position coach, he's a guy playing far above his size. Hopefully he turns out as good as his position coach, too.


I love hearing about tempo. Go fast! Go really fast!

like hearing about explosive plays from the QBs, but I have no clue how this QB race is really going, at this point. I think they're going to go all smoke-and-mirrors on us to the end. Or, maybe, after the hype last season, they're just being depressingly honest to temper expectations.

For more information than what I could glean from just the tweets, there's this link to the recap. The tidbits from there that are important:

The depth at corner back is currently a true sophomore, two redshirt freshmen, and then senior Josh Holsey. There's a reason last year's DB class was so hyped.

It's nice to see a few freshmen offensive players listed who can help early, too. Particularly when it's WRs that we really need to step up. I can't wait to see what Nate Craig-Myers and a healthy Kyle Davis are capable of. Eli Stove getting the praise he has is encouraging, too. We signed four very good wide receivers, and we need at least two of them, if not three or all four, to be contributors.