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Link sAUsage: 15 August 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Some former Tigers qualified for the finals in a few track and field events to be held Monday night!


The weather played havoc with a weekend exhibition against Mercer, but things were going well for the Tigers before the game was called off. Auburn was leading 2-0 after the 57th minute.


Let's take care of some old business, first. You may have missed AU_Jonesy's film school study on Michael Dyer's BCS run (not that one; the other one), so here's your chance to get caught up on it! I think every Auburn fan has memories of that play and the momentary jubilation and panic immediately following (He scored! We lead! Oh, crap, did we leave too much time!?!?).

Also in news from last Friday, Quentin Riggins is stepping away from the position of sideline reporter for the Auburn Network this fall. He'll be replaced by another familiar and beloved Auburn football figure.

I was in the field acting as the convoy commander for a Counter-IED lane at drill Saturday (which, if you know my military job, you'll find it as hilarious as I did that I was the convoy commander for something like that), but thankfully AU_Jonesy was able to capture the tweets from the post-scrimmage press conference.

The news out of that scrimmage was not fantastic on the injury front. Jamel Dean will miss significant time after an injury that will require surgery. It is not the knee that he previously injured, thankfully. What does that mean for Auburn's secondary, though? It means some other players will have to shift around and help out.

Jeremy Johnson was held out of the scrimmage after a reported injury to his throwing hand in practice last week. He wasn't wearing anything on the hand, though, so I don't think it's anything major.

Oh, and a senior wide receiver was on crutches during Fan Day. Supposedly, it is minor and precautionary. We'll see. As someone pointed out on one message board, Tre Mason spent most of the last half of the 2013 season in a walking boot as a precaution.

There's a redshirt freshman receiver who hasn't been talked about much, but who could make an impact this year. Darius Slayton is more confident and ready to show what he can do on the field. Slayton is a real speedster who flipped to Auburn at the last second over Georgia in the 2015 class. is doing a series on Auburn's running backs. Today's feature is the lone returning back with anything resembling major action at the position last year, Kerryon Johnson.

Seven Tiger walk-ons were awarded scholarships the other night, which is always a great event at the beginning of each season.

Sunday was FanDay at Auburn. Tiger fans lined up around the athletic complex to get into the Indoor Practice Facility and get autographs from their favorite players.