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Auburn Running Back Kerryon Johnson Gets Lost In Haley Center

It's a rite of passage for every Auburn student. Some of us have had it happen multiple times.

The Hallways of Horror behind Jordan-Hare Stadium
The Hallways of Horror behind Jordan-Hare Stadium
Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Auburn football players are student athletes, which means they have the same issues as the average college student. Today, on the second day of official university classes, Auburn running back Kerryon Johnson experienced one of the most common problems of any underclassman student on the Plains.

Who hasn't done that? Who among us can say that they didn't at least once in their time at Auburn wander into the wrong room while wandering the Hallways of Horror in Haley Center. If you were a Liberal Arts major, then you had to deal with it for even longer than many other students. I don't think a day went by where I didn't have to double-check to be absolutely sure that I was going into the right quadrant.

To get some stories of similar incidents, I asked for stories from the crowd on Twitter. It was not a disappointment.

I think she's implying Chris was enjoying the Devil's Lettuce...

The best story about Haley Center, though, has to go to Will Collier, who told the tale of the ultimate evil...

That's just amazing, right there. Hopefully that doesn't give any current students any ideas, though.

Alas, we will soon see a day where this will not be an issue. The new classroom building being constructed in front of RBD Library will replace Haley Center in the coming years. An Auburn legend will bite the dust. I hope I can be there to see it come down.