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Link sAUsage: 18 August 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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In the next few days, I'm probably going to post a call for new contributors in a few areas if anyone is interested. To give a heads up to those reading this, the areas I most want to expand upon are recruiting coverage, basketball, and I need someone who doesn't go to the games and can write quick recaps afterwards (and maybe quick stories during the games if something particularly big happens). Keep this in mind and be looking for the post, soon!


The non-conference schedule for the ladies is out and includes trips to some warmer climes than the men are heading to (aside from the trip to the Carribean, of course). Coach Flo's Tigers are hoping to improve upon last year's run to the NCAA Tournament.


Ben Schlottman is still going in the U.S. Amateur Championship! He moved on to the Round of 32, yesterday.


Five soccer players, including the Ramsier sisters and keeper Sarah Le Beau, were selected for pre-season SEC watch lists. A reminder that if you haven't checked out the preview of this year's team, which could be the best in Auburn history, please do so!

There's another set of sisters on the team, too, as freshman Dani Solaru has joined her sister Samantha on the squad. Two sets of sisters gives a whole new meaning to Auburn Family.


The volleyball team is tabbed to finish middle of the pack in the SEC this season. They return all starters from last year's team and will begin the season August 26th.

FOOTBALL put out a slideshow of 8 things this year's Auburn freshmen won't get to experience. #4 still hurts. The wound is still open since it's only been a few months since it closed. One thing that this year's freshmen WILL experience, but may not in the very near future, is something Auburn running back Kerryon Johnson experienced, yesterday: getting lost in Haley Center and going to the wrong classroom.

Sean White is described as "tough as nails' and having earned the trust of his team according to this article. That goes along with what I've read on other sites' "insider" reports that the team loves playing with Sean and love how competitive he is. That doesn't make him a lock for the starting job, though. I suspect we'll have a starter named very soon since this is the time of year Gus usually does it, but you never know.

Marcus Davis was following in the footsteps of two great punt returners when he took over from Chris Davis and Quan Bray. He learned a lot from them, too. Meanwhile, I'm still back to Rule #1 of punt returning: never drop the ball. After that, I love a dynamic player there. But first, catch the ball! Marcus has been pretty good at that, thankfully.

Stanton Truitt arrived at Auburn a few years ago with a lot of talk about just how fast he was. He was hurt shortly after his first play in 2014 and lost for the season. He saw limited action last year but was hurt again. Now, after those injuries, he's hoping for a chance to finally showcase his skills on the field.

Nick Ruffin is confident he'll be a big contributor this fall. WarRoom Eagle pointed out on Twitter that this sure was an interesting choice of words. Nick Ruffin has a history of using interesting words...