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Auburn Football 2016 August 18th Post-Practice Rhett Lashlee Press Conference Recap

Offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee met with the media following Thursday's practice. He had some good news to relate! All credit to the beat writers who were there.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Rhett Lashlee met with the media, tonight. No, there's no update on the QB race. However, if you expected Lashlee to name the starter instead of Gus Malzahn, you were pretty crazy in the first place. Maybe we'll know more there when Gus Malzahn meets with the media following Saturday's practice.

There is a lot of good things in there, though. I like how he mentions the team chemistry is great and how he praises Chandler Cox as a leader. Having vocal leaders on this team is something that didn't seem to be there last year from the outside looking in. It's even more impressive of Cox since he's a true sophomore.

Oh, and Kyle Davis may be back full speed, soon. That warrants some excitement. I was curious about that, since there was this tweet earlier with some receivers practicing. Look closely and it appears #11 is in there catching balls. #11 would be Kyle Davis.

It's nice to see it confirmed by Lashlee that he's almost back to full speed. Another good part of that video? No drops!

There's some bits from Cameron Toney at the bottom, too. I'm really hoping Travis Williams is able to coach those linebackers up to play like he did. If he can, then we're going to have a much stronger linebacker corps than anyone expects. Toney also gives us some good injury news by confirming that Tre Williams is back from his ankle injury and is on the practice field again.

Cameron Toney: