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Daniel Carlson Isn't A 2016 Preseason All-American To

This is a joke, right?

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

I don't normally like to get on the high-horse to write articles about why someone was slighted. I'll tweet something about it. Maybe do a quick Fanshot. Normally, I try to stay away from this type of thing. Preseason accolades don't mean anything, anyway. They're just projections.

However, Daniel Carlson being left off the preseason All-America Team altogether is worthy of a little bit of "who the hell is making this list!?" outrage, right?

Who does think is the #1 kicker in the land? Andy Phillips, from Utah.

I'm not trying to knock Mr. Phillips. I'm sure he's a great kicker. 23 for 27 is a pretty good stat (it's the same Carlson had), and not missing after October 10th is great.  He has great numbers, but I'll take 8/10 from 40+ (4/5 from 50+) over 8/12 (1/1). He wasn't one of the final three up for the Lou Groza Award, either.

I can get some questions over 1st team, possibly. Everyone has their opinions, and Carlson had some bad misses from short range. Not even being 2nd team, though? That's crazy.'s 2nd team kicker is Memphis' Jake Elliot. I'm not as upset by this one; Elliot was a Groza Award Finalist with Carlson last year. I would have been almost fine if Elliot had been #1 and Carlson #2. No mention at all, though? Nope. Not happy with that.

We may get to the end of this season and Carlson, Phillips, and Elliot are the finalists for the Lou Groza Award. Preseason speculation is always questionable at best, after all. I really hope Carlson doesn't get enough work in the kicking game for people to really take notice (because we're scoring touchdowns). After last season, though, it's hard for me to believe anyone could examine the kickers returning to college football and not determine that Daniel Carlson is the best returning kicker.

Carlson and Phillips' stat lines are identical in overall numbers of 23/27 (82.5%). Elliot was just behind them with 23/28 (82.1%). When it comes from hitting from distance, though, Carlson was supreme over Phillips and just behind Elliot (who was 10/11 from beyond 40, 2/2 from 50+).

Spring Games are no great judge of how a fall season will go, but did the voters happen to see that Carlson was money in that game, including 2/2 from 50+ in a pretty decent wind? Apparently not.

I'm going to guess Carlson would be their 3rd team kicker if they'd gone that far. I vehemently disagree, though. I think Daniel Carlson is the best field goal kicker in the nation. I think by the end of the season, will agree.