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Aubie the Tiger Joins the Marvel Universe With A Special Opening Week Cover

Aubie gets the Marvel treatment in a special "cover" for college football's opening weekend.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

The season is almost upon us, and that means promotional materials. In this case, it means that some of the sports' biggest Week 1 match-ups get their own special Marvel Comics "cover" art. Auburn vs Clemson was not left out.*

As Aubie pointed out on Twitter, it harkens back to the days of Aubie's birth on the covers of Auburn Football Illustrated.

Why did Marvel make these? Well, remember that Marvel is owned by Disney. ESPN is also owned by Disney. Disney owns just about everything, now, it seems. So, with the crossover there for the taking, the parent company took advantage of it.

My one disappointment in this is that they didn't go full-out "crazy eyes" on Clemson's mascot. He is, after all, so crazy looking that it inspired the "8-Ball the Tiger" parody Twitter account** on the premise that the mascot is on numerous drugs.

It's fitting that the greatest mascot of all is on a Marvel cover. Next up to join the Avengers? He's already a time-traveling super hero.

Here are the other covers for the weekend's first big games on the ABC/ESPN/Disney/Marvel conglomerate:

*Yes, I know these came out, yesterday. I didn't have a good chance to write anything about it, then.

**I've actually met the guy behind the account. He's not even really a Clemson fan; he's a graduate/fan of an SEC school and is a veteran of the original core of commentariat members.