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Something Is Brewing On The Auburn Football Instagram Account

What are the folks at WarEagle Productions up to?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Last Saturday, August 20th, the official Twitter account for Auburn Football had an intriguing Tweet...

Was a hype video coming? It was only last week that the school released this awesome motivational video. What was the deal?

Anticipating something big and awesome, it was a bit of a letdown when all that was released on Sunday, the 21st, was this short video...

It's always a good day on The Plains. #EarnIt

A video posted by Auburn Football (@auburnfootball) on

When another similar video was released Monday, it appeared at first that it was nothing but a daily short video that was being produced. Don't get me wrong, those are fun videos, but nothing major on first viewing.

"That's our standard operating procedure. We come to work every day." #EarnIt

A video posted by Auburn Football (@auburnfootball) on

But wait... Both videos started with the lightbulbs for a brief second. They were a different part of whatever apparatus that is, too. This morning, Part 3 was released...


A video posted by Auburn Football (@auburnfootball) on

Are you starting to see it, now? Rather than just scrolling through the timeline and finding the videos, I went to Auburn's actual Instagram page. This is the image that is building...


Now it's all starting to come together. That is obviously the interlocking AU symbol. When 9 videos are posted, the Instagram page will be filled with a giant interlocking AU.

Now, this could just be for aesthetic purposes. It will look pretty cool, after all. Or, it could be something more. I doubt they'll release the tunnel video prior to the season opener, but this could be building to a release of the hype video that also plays before games.

Either way, as already noted, it will make the Auburn Football Instagram page look pretty nifty until they start posting other things and break up the flow.

Whatever it is, simply a neat way to spice up the page or building to the release of something bigger, I know I'll be checking the page every day for the release of the next snippet and seeing what comes at the end.