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Auburn Football Roster Pronunciation Guide

Have you ever wondered how to pronounce someone’s name on the roster? Well, wonder no more!

Is it pronounced HOLE-see or HOLE-zee?
Is it pronounced HOLE-see or HOLE-zee?
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever screamed at the TV while a play-by-play or color analyst butchers a player on your team’s name? Have you been at another school’s stadium and their PA announcer struggles with pronunciation? Have you ever argued with your friends over just how to say someone’s name on your team?

I know I have. I can think of numerous experiences among my favorite teams. For Auburn fans, memories of Verne Lundquist attempting to pronounce C.J. Uzomah’s name have to bring back horrifying nightmares.

While this season’s Auburn Football team isn’t as bad as some in the past, there may still be some names you’re curious about or are just unsure on.

Is it MAL-ik or Muh-LEEK Miller?

Josh HOLE-see or HOLE-zee?

DEE-shawn or dee-SHAWN or DE-shawn or de-SHAWN Davis?

Alex KO-zan or ko-ZAN or ko-ZAHN or KO-zahn?

And just how do you say Prince Tega Wanogho JR?*

Auburn’s official site is attempting to remedy any confusion you may have. Curious about how to pronounce someone’s name? Then head over to the official roster and click the little icon next to the player’s name. You’ll hear the player himself giving the proper pronunciation.

Not all of the players are represented in this feature, yet, but I don’t see one right off hand that is missing that I would need.

This is a pretty neat addition to the official roster, wouldn’t you say? Now there’s no reason for a broadcaster to get a name wrong more than once since their crews should be able to correct them.

*For the record, the pronunciations in italics are the correct ones.