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Auburn Football 23 August 2016 Kevin Steele Press Conference Recap

Defensive Coordinator Kevin Steele met with the media tonight following practice. See what he had to say! All credit to the beat writers who were there.

Auburn Athletics

Tonight was Kevin Steele's turn to face the media following Auburn's return to the practice fields. So, right off the bat, we shouldn't even have to say that there's no update on the QB situation. That will come from Gus Malzahn himself. He's supposed to meet with the media later this week, but he could name the starter at any time.*

Did anything special come out of Steele's time with the media? They're not focusing on Clemson, yet. That's understandable, since Clemson does run a similar offense to Auburn's. That works both ways, too, if you want to be a bit depressed. Marshall Taylor's contributions Week 1 will depend on Marshall Taylor. He singled out Dontavius Russell (who was pretty good as a redshirt freshman last season) and Josh Holsey (pronounced HOLE-zee; I've been saying HOLE-see for years!) as big parts of the defense so far. Paul James III, too.

I'm trying not to be too optimistic about this defense. Kevin Steele's history hasn't been the best as a DC, so maybe that should help. There's just so much talent and potential on it, though. I'm even starting to get excited about the linebackers and I have nothing to justify that other than blind confidence in Travis Williams (and Kevin Steele himself).

To the Tweets (and stick around for bonus commentary below)!

Bonus Jeff Holland quotes!

I'm impressed by Holland, here. He admits his head wasn't in the game as much early on at Auburn. He was starting to be exciting by the end of the season, though, so if he's really turned it on, then he could be a great one. One of the offensive linemen (Golson, maybe?) did say a few weeks ago that Holland was the second best pass rusher behind Lawson (hence his comment on ranking, I bet).

Both Holland and Paul James III spoke highly of Carl Lawson. We've heard repeatedly over the last few years about how Carl Lawson studies every aspect of the game. He should go on to a great NFL career, but I'm thrilled at the prospect of what he'll be able to bring to the game as a coach one day, too, should he go that route.

Even more bonus: Paul James III Tweet!