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Auburn Football 2016 Position Previews: Special Teams

With the first Game Week approaching, we're finally digging into the position groups to preview the 2016 Auburn Tigers.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

With the season almost here, we're taking a look at previewing the 2016 Auburn Tigers by each position group. The first four can be found in this story stream!

Special Teams

I'm including return men in here, too. This one is short, but there will be another one coming out this afternoon as we get to the offense!

Key Losses -

Roc Thomas

Key Returnees -

#Legatron, Kevin Phillips, Ian Shannon, Marcus Davis, Kerryon Johnson, Rudy Ford

Newcomers (includes redshirts) -

Kam Martin, Javaris Davis

Causes For Optimism

Field goal kicking: Daniel Carlson is back. That's all you need.

Punting: Kevin Phillips was serviceable. He throws a good pass on a fake punt, so that's points in my book. I don't think he's going to be Steven Clark level of good, but he had some good punts last year.

Returners: Marcus Davis did a good job of being reliable in catching the ball and then gaining yards when he could on punts. On kickoffs, Kerryon Johnson was excellent and Rudy Ford is always a threat. Javaris Davis' speed may be enough to get him on the field in one of these positions, too.

Auburn has had excellent special teams for a few years, now. I don't see that changing this year.

Causes For Concern

None that I can think of.


#Legatron wins the Lou Groza Award. Auburn returns a kick of some sort (be it a punt or kickoff) for a touchdown. Special Teams are more than reliable enough to win us a few games and not cost us any.