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Auburn Football 2016: Fall Practice #1 Updates

The Tigers are on the field! Here's what we can glean from the beat writers who were there!

Picture is from last year, but it still works!
Picture is from last year, but it still works!
Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics

Auburn hit the field for the first time of the 2016 season this afternoon inside the indoor facility (after the usual late-afternoon thunderstorm of the last week came in a bit early). Is there a lot of news for Day 1? I'd say so, yes.

Let's get the bad news out of the way, first. Jovon Robinson was not at practice according to all of the beat writers on Twitter. That's horrendous news. I stress that we don't know the reason for that, right now. Gus Malzahn will speak to the media tonight, so we should get an update, then. Maybe. We may just get coach speak. I'm going to bet coach speak. It is finals week for summer classes. Maybe he had a final?

Jeremy Johnson was working with the first team offense, today. Does that mean much? I doubt it. I don't expect the coaches to show much of anything during the media windows. But, hey, if JJ comes out and plays like he's capable of doing and did against Arkansas in 2014, then that's awesome, too.

In "YES, PLEASE" news, we have this little bit of info:

Stidham is a transfer, so he would not be eligible to play immediately. He may go the JUCO route and play there this fall and have two years to play, or he could transfer now, sit, and have three years.

Why is that exciting? Well, he was 75-109 for 1265 yards (11.61 yards per attempt) and a 68.8% completion percentage for the Baylor Bears before his injury last year.

Word is he was talking with Gus and going over the play sheets. If Stidham came to Auburn, I'd say we're set at QB for a bit.

As for other notes, videos, etc, see the tweets from beat writers below!

Gus Malzahn and a few players will speak to the media a little later this afternoon/early evening. We'll have more updates, then!