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Jovon Robinson Dismissed From Auburn Football Team

Keep Calm and Kerryon? Time to reshuffle those running back opinions.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Jovon Robinson wasn't at practice today and, of course, that started the usual rumor mill and pondering going among Auburn fans on social media. There were all sorts of things it could be, but no one knew anything except that Gus would address it at his press conference.

Boy did he.

Jovon Robinson, the presumed starter at running back for the Tigers, is no longer with the team. No specific reason has been given.

Whatever the situation, hopefully Jovon gets it all worked out. He's been through a rough time in his collegiate career. It looks like after the 2012 grades issues and now this, he just was never destined to be a serious contributor.

I don't know what all happened, but I applaud Gus for making the move. I think you can see the results of his handling the Duke Williams situation with this. He tried to tip-toe around the issue with Duke and it hurt the team overall. He wasn't going to do that again.

So, now, the running back depth stands at:

A sophomore who has bulked up and coming off off-season surgery (Kerryon Johnson)

Two H-backs/FBs who worked at RB over the spring (Pettway/Cox)

Two true freshmen (Malik Miller, injured in A-Day game, and Kameron Martin).

Auburn Football. It's nothing if not nerve-racking, right?