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Auburn Football 2016: Post-Practice Press Conference Day 1 Tweet Cap

Gus spoke to the press for the first time of the 2016 football season, today. Given the earlier news, you'll never guess what dominated the tweets! All credit to the beat writers who were there.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I wonder what all Gus had to say in his first press conference of the season. I'm sure it's noting, so let's just check in, and, wait, what? Jovon Robinson was dismissed. Umm... Excuse me for just a second.

Ron Throws Chair

Ron Throws out Computer

Ok, so, let's get back to the talk. It appears Gus won't suffer distractions, which I applaud. It looks like that's the talk that dominated most of the press conferences as Gus answered questions on that so did some of the players.

Oh, and if that's not fun enough for you, freshman WR Kyle Davis is "week-to-week" with a foot issue. I had Davis penciled in as a starter. THIS IS FINE. EVERYTHING IS FINE.