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Link sAUsage: 30 August 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The Tigers host Kennesaw State tonight in Auburn Arena. They'll be hoping to bounce back from a rather inauspicious beginning to the season from this weekend's tournament in Auburn.


The AUperations Order is back! I know that probably doesn't excite too many of you. I have thoughts on how to try to make that feature better this season. This link is just to the simple base order. I'll have a Clemson-specific one ready to go Friday afternoon.

SB Nation isn't too high on Auburn against Clemson in their preview of the opening game. I'm not saying I think Auburn is going to win, but there are quite a few things I disagree with in there.

Devaroe Lawrence's life is quite the story. It's one of those stories that really makes you root for someone and be thrilled to see what he's been able to become on the football field and what that means for his future life.

Gus Malzahn plans to be more involved with the Xs and Os this season on the field, and hopefully that means he takes over most of the play calling duties and gets back to his old ways.

One of the four players arrested back in May has made a deal with the court. Jeremiah Dinson has reached a deal according to court documents. If you remember the circumstances, it was one of those "no one is claiming anything, so we're arresting all of you" deals. That has to mean a deal for the others is coming soon, as well, you'd think

There will be six free parking lots around Auburn for fans who need ADA parking.

The Ledger-Enquirer examined the history of the Auburn-Clemson "rivalry," going way back in time to look at past games, including the only time Clemson has ever defeated Auburn in Auburn back in 1950.