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Gus Malzahn Week 1 Clemson Game Press Conference Recap

Gus Malzahn met with the media today in his normal Tuesday morning time slot during the season. All credit to the beat writers who were there.

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

It's game week, so that means we're back to Gus Malzahn's weekly Tuesday morning press conference! This PC was streamed online, but I had to teach a class at that hour, so I'm here with the usual Tweet-cap. Let's break down what Gus had to say.

Stephen Roberts is suspended for at least the Clemson game and will be "week-to-week" from there. It sounds like he's been told what he needs to do to get back with the team and it'll be up to him to do it. I didn't suspect he would be dismissed, but I'm not shocked at a suspension, either. I don't think it will last very long, but that's just my opinion.

Malzahn spoke about the depth chart that was released this morning a good bit. I'm going to try not to comment on the specifics of that just yet because I have a full post planned for it that should go up before long, today. It's notable that he emphasized Marlon Davidson's impact along with Montavious Atkinson on defense. The young guys have come to play.

On offense, the Will Hastings hype is out there, now. He's garnered a ton of praise behind the scenes. I'm surprised to see that he was actually listed high up on the depth chart, though. He could be much more likely to see game action than I thought. I'll hopefully have more on him, later, too. That the freshmen running backs will play should come as no surprise to anyone. We've known we needed them to step up.

Kevin Steele and Herb Hand will coach from the booth. I'm a bit surprised that Steele is coaching from the booth. I can't remember if that's been his common practice or not. Hand doesn't surprise me as much. He has a great offensive mind and getting him up there should help Gus and Rhett find and exploit tendencies of defenses.

Now to the Tweets!