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Link sAUsage: 31 August 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The Tigers won their first match of the year last night, defeating Kennesaw State in five sets.


It's come to this. The last day of August. We've had two games, nationally, but true football season begins tomorrow night.

You may be a bit rusty with the long layoff. Peggy wants to make sure you work on your #FanFitness before the game on Saturday! That's right, the Undercover Barner is back!

Gus Malzahn met with the media in his weekly press conference spot Tuesday morning. He discussed Stephen Roberts' suspension, the depth chart, Week 1's opponent, and more. Speaking of the depth chart, there's some eye-opening information in it with the surprises. We broke down the whole thing, here.

Perhaps the biggest shocker on the depth chart was the listing of K/WR Will Hastings, a walk-on, as the #2 at one of the slot receiver spots. We delved a bit into his past to find out more about him. He's almost a Wes Welker-type, and if that thought doesn't make you excited, then you have no clue who Wes Welker is. Which is possible if you ignore the NFL. So, just know it's good and I'm excited to see what Hastings can do.

How did the Top 5 preseason position battles according to end up in regards to the final 2-deep? They revisited the question in order to find out.

Carl Lawson is 100% healthy and the Tigers feel very good about that. As they should. A healthy Lawson is a serious difference maker on the field.

A bit more of an update on the status of the four players arrested back in May. Jeremiah Dinson has reached a plea and the other 3 apparently were granted youthful offender status and will not have to appear in court this week as originally planned.

Auburn Every Day and the Auburn Football Review will return for the 2016 football season. Auburn Football Every Day, a behind the scenes look at the Tigers, will air the first show on Friday while the Football Review will air Sundays after the games.

It's the #BestGameDayExperience in the nation, right? So, how did Auburn make it better for 2016? Read about 10 new features from the official site. I'm interested in the shakers for all before the Clemson game. Since the crowd is supposed to be in orange, I'd love it if the shakers were solid blue. I've beaten that horse to death, but I love that contrast. It looked fantastic in the 2013 Iron Bowl with the opposite color combination.

Someone (rhymes somewhat with PondScum) is still giving Danny Sheridan a platform. Apparently, he said he had the Tigers winning 10 games if John Franklin III was the starting QB. He dropped that down to them winning 9 anyway, so I guess JF3 is only good for one extra win?