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New Toomer's Corner Oaks. What To Roll and What Not to Roll

The school would like you to know what to roll and what not to roll for the 2016 season.

Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Since the day that [NAME REDACTED] committed his heinous act of vandalism, the traditional rolling of Toomer's Corner has been in limbo. The original Oaks were removed after the 2013 A-Day game and fans have been rolling wires strung across the corner of College Street and Magnolia Avenue along with every other tree they could find ever since.

Now, with the new Oaks transplanted in 2015 mostly rooted and established (though still with some work to do), the rolling of the trees at Toomer's Corner is ready to begin anew.

One thing the University is attempting to do, though, is limit the rolling to just those two trees.

Along with the transplantation of new Oaks, there have been some other changes to Samford Park. One of those changes is the addition of 10 descendent Toomer's Oaks along the walkway leading from the Corner to Samford Hall. Those trees are still very young and need a lot of time to establish themselves and grow strong.

Because of that, the school is stressing that those trees not be rolled. They are also trying to keep the rolling away from the other trees in Samford Park to limit the amount of cleanup and preserve the beauty of the green space. No one can forget how it looked like a blizzard hit the Plains after the 2013 Iron Bowl, but the school wants to limit that type of thing from happening again.

When will the first roll of the new Oaks occur? It will probably be within the first two weeks. Hopefully, it will be this Saturday night.