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Link sAUsage: 4 August 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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I started yesterday's slate with an article about who I thought would be Auburn's starters going into camp and who would be the starters against Clemson. That article would need some revision a bit later. Why, you ask? Were you not paying attention yesterday, I respond? Well, see...

Jovon Robinson, the presumed starter and workhorse running back for the 2016 season, has been dismissed from the football team. I don't get the whole "this is falling apart and Gus can't handle the team" talk, though. Every team has problem players. Is this an over reaction after what happened with Duke in 2015? Possibly. I'm going to wait and see how the team responds, first, though.

Gus Malzahn talked about that and more after yesterday's first practice. But, let's face it, that was the story that dominated the news. So much so that no one is really talking about Kyle Davis missing practice time with a foot injury.

The opening is there at running back for someone to step up. Can Kerryon carry the load? Will we see more of Pettway at RB? I'm guessing we'll see a mixture of those, along with a bit more of the freshmen. If that frightens you a bit, well... running back is a position that a freshman can come in and perform at a very high level. Remember Michael Dyer?

James Crepea was actually able to get in touch with Jovon Robinson for his side of things. I'd be very curious about what actually happened. Crepea said on Cole Cubelic's show a bit ago that Jovon wouldn't be direct and that it was an odd conversation. It may be an over-reaction from the Duke situation, but you know what? Sometimes those are necessary to make sure everyone knows you're serious. I'd rather have us dismissing problems than people talking about how Auburn takes every bad player cast off by other schools.

For a look at practice before the negativity really hit the fan, check out this recap of what the beat writers were tweeting out. At least there's some good news about a potential QB contender. For next season.

Tim Horton has a book out about coaching running backs and I bet he wishes he'd waited a bit to talk about the challenges of this season because woo boy do we hope he can work some magic with the players he has on hand, now. He's got talent. We're just going to have to see if there's a true every-down back on the team.

There's tons of stuff out there for the intrigued fan about the first day of practice. Want some short video of Kerryon Johnson and John Franklin III? Well, click those links!

Jay Jacobs still doesn't have that 2018 P5 game locked down. I wrote this a few weeks ago, but from looking at every team's schedule, this is the best that I could determine were the teams Auburn could possibly play that season.